Raymor Estate Cellars Launches Fusion Series

Exciting news! Raymor Estate Cellars has released its Fusion series, an entirely new craft beverage category created by Herb and Pam Raymor. We sat down with Pam Raymor (PR) to ask her about the release.

Q: Tell us about the new release!

PR: Fusion is a new craft beverage category in New York State created by Raymor Cellars. The taste is unlike anything else. We have five different flavors in our Fusion series: Taste of Harmony, Santa-Gria, Moonstruck, Peachy-Keen and Easy-Breezy. All delicious and all unique!

Introducing Raymor Estate Cellars’ Fusion Series

Introducing Raymor Estate Cellars’ Fusion Series

Q: What exactly is in the bottle?

PR: Fusion is wine and still hard apple cider fused together! We don’t use the word blend because it’s not just a wine and hard cider put together in a bottle. The two beverages actually go through a process to become one!

Q: What gave you the idea?

PR: We have quite the story for this beverage, and its one we love to share with anyone who tries it. This idea actually came from a customer we met at a festival in Altamont, NY. She asked for our driest red wine and our sweetest still hard apple cider. She tasted them separately and then poured them together in one glass and tasted again.

She had just returned back home after living in Germany for a while and she told us that her combination tasted just like German Gluehwein, a recipe of mulled wine, served in Germany typically around Christmas. She said, “You guys need to go home and make this!” And so we did.

Our first fusion was born.....Santa-Gria! We introduced it last year at the Canandaigua Christkindl Market and people loved it! After some research and experimentation we now have five different flavors, all just as tasty.

Herb Raymor, co-owner of Raymor Estate Cellars, educates two visitors during a wine tasting.

Herb Raymor, co-owner of Raymor Estate Cellars, educates two visitors during a wine tasting.

Q: Fusion seems to be more than just for drinking! You’ve found some creative ways to use it.

PR: You have to use your imagination with Fusion! A few ideas for your next event or party.

The Santa-Gria can be served warm or cold. Each way tastes different so you actually have two beverages from one single bottle.

Our Fusions have been used in desserts as well as pairings. They’ve been used to create a variety of cocktails as well. Peachy-Keen with Peach schnapps, Santa-Gria with Fireball or Moonstruck with raspberry vodka … just to name a few! The combinations are endless and are making me thirsty!

Q: Where can people enjoy them?

Stop by Raymor Cellars for a taste and look for us at local festivals and events!

Andrew Knoblauch